What Your Company Gains from Our Research

• Greater Investor Interest
• Foreign and Institutional Investors
• Easier for Investors to Research
• More Access to Capital Markets
• Increased Stature of Company
• Better Stock Liquidity
• Increased Visibility of Management

Why Evaluate is much Superior to all other Alternatives

• Much more detailed and thorough Initiation Report
• Consistent and High Quality Ongoing Coverage
• Brokerage firm reports available only to a few select investors [their clients]
• Evaluate reports available freely to all investors
• Wide dissemination of reports on all major platforms like Bloomberg, S&P Capital IQ, Thomson Reuters, FactSet,
Morningstar, Wind Financial Terminal etc.
• Much more Economical Pricing Structure, Nominal Fees
• Complete BS/IS/CF/Ratios Models with detailed 5 year Forecasts
• Specific Price Targets for your Stock
• Dedicated In-house Analysts, we don’t outsource our work